10 Pillars

10 Pillars – Woodland

I’ve discovered it is incredibly valuable to be more in touch with my own energy, my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own needs. From that space I can relate much more effectively with others. I’ve also learnt that there is a place outside of all of that which is even more valuable and that it is worth taking time to experience the ‘inner’ world to perform effectively in the ‘outer’ world.

Here are 10 pillars, which can enrich your life & enhance your personal effectiveness:

  1. Accept whatever you are doing
  2. Be accepting of other people’s reality
  3. Take an interest in what you think and feel and why you think and feel it
  4. Pay attention to the moment as everything exists in it
  5. Every problem is in the next moment not this one
  6. Self awareness is the key to personal effectiveness
  7. Create gaps in the chatter of the mind to connect to greater inner resources
  8. Making time and space to be restful, still and meditative is as valuable as periods of giving and doing
  9. Look for the kernel of fear in your thoughts words and actions
  10. Let go of wishing things were otherwise and fearing what might be