Personal Awareness

Are you the problem when conflict arises in the workplace?

We’ve all been there. It has been a long week, or even a long month and you feel it’s been made even longer and more tiresome by certain members of your team. Perhaps if it had not been such a long month, you might have found a way to be more diplomatic, but before you Read More →

How a negative workplace culture can affect your bottom line…

2 weeks ago I read an interesting article on the CIPD website claiming that nearly half of all employees hear discriminatory remarks in the workplace every week and this rises to over 70% if you measure it on a monthly basis. More than a third of these discriminatory comments were made directly to individuals. For Read More →

MediAtion & MediTation

How to pay attention non-judgmentally

Despite the word Mediation being only one letter different from the word meditation you might not think that they have much in common. The reality is that for the practitioner there are many similarities.

Personal Development: Be accepting of other people’s reality

Most of the time personal awareness – and consequently personal development – helps manage and resolve conflicts. Accepting other people’s reality is something that can not only transcend conflict but also lead to a more harmonious life. Conflict management through acceptance Transcending conflict A recurring theme when people disagree is that one person does not Read More →

Personal Awareness: Accept whatever you are doing

If you are at all like me or most other people, then you probably spend some time resisting, consciously or unconsciously what you are doing. You can get caught in a battle between what you want to be doing and what you are doing. This is a bit like driving a car with the brake Read More →

A Mindful Minute

A Mindful Minute is a really useful tool to help you to step off the treadmill of relentless doing and thinking. Use it to help you to refocus and reconnect to your energy and creativity.

Conscious Leadership

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