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Three types of disastrous leadership behaviours brought to light by Politicians in the recent Brexit showdown

Whatever you feel about the Brexit decision, most people agree that it has become a site of bitter conflict.  Indeed, many feel that leaders on both sides have aggravated the situation, accelerating it into a veritable tornado of whipped emotions, while innocent civilians are trapped like Dorothy and Toto inside the maelstrom.  In a Washington Read More →

Are you the problem when conflict arises in the workplace?

We’ve all been there. It has been a long week, or even a long month and you feel it’s been made even longer and more tiresome by certain members of your team. Perhaps if it had not been such a long month, you might have found a way to be more diplomatic, but before you Read More →

Using conflict as a positive force in your organisation

It will depend on where you get your statistics, but according to many leadership and HR focused organisations – somewhere between 25 and 40% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict. For many leaders who face this challenge, the temptation might be to try and claw back valuable time by simply ignoring the Read More →

How a negative workplace culture can affect your bottom line…

2 weeks ago I read an interesting article on the CIPD website claiming that nearly half of all employees hear discriminatory remarks in the workplace every week and this rises to over 70% if you measure it on a monthly basis. More than a third of these discriminatory comments were made directly to individuals. For Read More →

The invisible forces that shape the behaviour of your organisation

You’re probably sitting comfortably in your office at the moment, surrounded by busy colleagues and tasked with a thousand things to complete before you head out of the office for the day – but can you remember your first day in the role? For most of us, it was a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Read More →

Is your team affected by this morale sapping bug?

The first time you noticed something unusual was about 2 months ago. You came out of your office and your team were unusually quiet… staring intently at the screens, madly pressing away on their keyboards or clicking at a mouse. One team member seems to be strutting around the office nervously making jokes and trying Read More →

How do you deal with conflict as a leader?

A unique combination of nature, nurture and life experiences means that every one of us sees the world from a different perspective. Not only do we form different opinions about the world around us, but we also react to events and the circumstances that surround us differently. The result of this, particularly in stressful situations Read More →

Personal Development: Be accepting of other people’s reality

Most of the time personal awareness – and consequently personal development – helps manage and resolve conflicts. Accepting other people’s reality is something that can not only transcend conflict but also lead to a more harmonious life. Conflict management through acceptance Transcending conflict A recurring theme when people disagree is that one person does not Read More →

What Really Matters? Creating Conflicts Unconsciously

I often read time-management advice about doing the things that matter first. This generally means looking at your to do list, putting the most important items at the top then cracking on with them. Don’t procrastinate just get on with it. Sound advice perhaps? However this advice assumes that you have included the most important Read More →

Five Habits of Highly Effective Groups – Learning from Bees

Why Bees? I have been a beekeeper for much longer than I have been working with teams in organisations. My French teacher first introduced me to beekeeping when I was fourteen and I was hooked from the outset. Collecting my first swarm and putting it in my own hive is something I will never forget. Read More →

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