Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments – Waterfall

To enhance your wellbeing and personal effectiveness
To function effectively in a full on world we need to create space for the Deeper Conversation with ourselves. A part of that is creating space to process our experiences, to reconnect to our inner resources and disconnect from the intensity of day to day activities and responsibilities.

Mindful Moments give you a short period to do just that. Some last just a few minutes others up to ten minutes but all will leave you more engaged with yourself and with a fresh perspective.

A Mindful Minute

A Mindful Minute is a really useful tool to help you to step off the treadmill of relentless doing and thinking. Use it to help you to refocus and reconnect to your energy and creativity.

Mindful Moments 2 Watchfulness

Developing a habit of Watchfulness is key for processing the fullness of everyday life, letting go of tension and creating space for relaxation.

Mindful Moments 1 Back to Yourself

Take time to come Back to Yourself and to focus on nothing else for a short time – it will replenish your energy.

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