Deeper Conversations

Deeper Conversations – Lake

Personal Awareness: Accept whatever you are doing

If you are at all like me or most other people, then you probably spend some time resisting, consciously or unconsciously what you are doing. You can get caught in a battle between what you want to be doing and what you are doing. This is a bit like driving a car with the brake Read More →

A Mindful Minute

A Mindful Minute is a really useful tool to help you to step off the treadmill of relentless doing and thinking. Use it to help you to refocus and reconnect to your energy and creativity.

What Really Matters? Creating Conflicts Unconsciously

I often read time-management advice about doing the things that matter first. This generally means looking at your to do list, putting the most important items at the top then cracking on with them. Don’t procrastinate just get on with it. Sound advice perhaps? However this advice assumes that you have included the most important Read More →

Five Habits of Highly Effective Groups – Learning from Bees

Why Bees? I have been a beekeeper for much longer than I have been working with teams in organisations. My French teacher first introduced me to beekeeping when I was fourteen and I was hooked from the outset. Collecting my first swarm and putting it in my own hive is something I will never forget. Read More →

Mindful Moments 2 Watchfulness

Developing a habit of Watchfulness is key for processing the fullness of everyday life, letting go of tension and creating space for relaxation.

Mindful Moments 1 Back to Yourself

Take time to come Back to Yourself and to focus on nothing else for a short time – it will replenish your energy.

Conscious Leadership

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